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Services We Offer

We help our clients and their partners to maximize impact on pressing global health and development challenges through our dedication to evidence-based co-creation, our focus on effective execution, and our ability to serve as a trusted advisor and facilitator.

From resolving specific strategic issues to designing, implementing, and evaluating key initiatives, we’re committed to helping you achieve your goals and thrive in today’s fast-paced world. Explore our wide range of services tailored to meet your unique needs.

Systems diagnostics, assessments, and performance transformation

DDP takes a systematic approach to developing solutions that help our clients transform their performance as well as the performance of the social impact initiatives they support. Through an iterative co-creative problem-solving process, we conduct rigorous evidence-based root-cause analysis of our clients’ problems and collaborate with them and their partners to develop appropriate programs, policies, and advocacy initiatives.

Program design, implementation, and evaluation

We assist our clients and partners in designing, implementing, and evaluating programmes to maximise impact on critical issues. Using in-depth research and analysis, as well as the expertise of our staff and partners, we help our clients design, test, and expand their global health and development programs.

Stakeholder engagement and coordination

We assist our clients in proactively considering the needs and desires of all stakeholders involved to achieve collective impact in order to build confidence, trust, and support for their initiatives. DDP assists our clients in mapping the various groups of stakeholders involved in their initiatives, identifying resources and opportunities to engage them in an inclusive and transparent manner, and developing a detailed plan to move them forward in the most beneficial way for everyone involved.

Policy and strategy

We understand that a clear and targeted blueprint is required for organisations to have genuine and long-term impact. We assist our clients in translating their ideas into policies and strategies to effect change with clear plans and measurement frameworks to operationalize and track progress, drawing on our extensive expertise and experience in policy and strategy development in the non-profit, public, and private sectors

Research and knowledge translation

In-depth research and knowledge translation are critical requirements for effective decision-making and implementation. We assist our clients with implementation research, portfolio evaluations and assessments, impact evaluations, market landscape analysis, and costing studies for their initiatives. We also collaborate with them and their partners to bridge the research-practice gap by assisting them in effectively documenting and disseminating knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned to the appropriate end-users to support effective decision-making.

Quick Introduction

We are a passionate team of solutionists dedicated to improving social development outcomes for vulnerable populations and underserved communities by co-creating tailored solutions with our clients and their partners.

Ottawa, ON K4A 1J7, Canada
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