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Welcome to Development Delivery Partners Inc. (DDP). DDP was founded to provide an opportunity for people who are passionate about global health and sustainable development to collaborate to address some of the world’s most pressing issues and make the world a better, more equal place.

Why Choose Us?

Our organization has a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals who have spent years in the field of global health and sustainable development.

We strongly believe in the power of partnerships and work collaboratively with other organizations, communities, and individuals.

We are committed to finding innovative and sustainable solutions to global health and development challenges.

Uncovering the Numbers

A Comprehensive Look at the Latest Facts and Figures

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We are 100% remote and 100% responsive to our clients’ needs

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Over 95 years of combined global health and development experience

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DDP consultants have worked in over thirty countries

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DDP consultants live and work in eight countries and can support our clients' needs remotely or in-person.

We are dedicated to satisfying our clients.

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Ready to advance social impact? Work with us to address some of the world’s most pressing issues and build a brighter future for all.

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    Services We Offer

    DDP takes a systematic approach to developing solutions that help our clients transform their performance as well as the performance of the social impact initiatives they support.

    We assist our clients and partners in designing, implementing, and evaluating programmes to maximise impact on critical issues.

    We assist our clients in proactively considering the needs and desires of all stakeholders involved to achieve collective impact in order to build confidence, trust, and support for their initiatives. 

    We understand that a clear and targeted blueprint is required for organisations to have genuine and long-term impact. 

    In-depth research and knowledge translation are critical requirements for effective decision-making and implementation

    Quick Introduction

    We are a passionate team of solutionists dedicated to improving social development outcomes for vulnerable populations and underserved communities by co-creating tailored solutions with our clients and their partners.

    Ottawa, ON K4A 1J7, Canada
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